Flexographic Printing


LONG RUNS? Our flexographic presses produce consistent, high-quality labels crafted by skilled pressmen. We can quickly deliver up to 8 colors in one pass, making flexographic printing perfect for medium and long runs.

From coupons to beverage labels and clear film to foil, Inline Label gives your custom label the quality you expect, delivered to you with quick turnaround and crisp, vibrant color.

Give us a call today and our friendly, knowledgeable staff will answer your questions and/or provide you a digital sample. 1-877-778-2807.

"Thank you for a very nice job on our labels, but even more so for the proper follow-through."

"I'll be doing more business with you guys!"

"I have to believe that the highest quality of printing is a normal occurrence at your shop."

"Many thanks to your knowledgeable customer support staff for all of their assistance."

"When I was told by your competitors that our timeline was too tight, Inline somehow proved them wrong."

"Our labels have never looked better!"